Welkom op mijn website! Ik probeer telkens weer persoonlijke gedichtenspinsels te plaatsen en haal daar veel voldoening uit. Reacties zijn van harte welkom!

Update juni 2011: eindelijk is het zover: mijn eerste gedichtenbundel is verschenen! "Het is wit en het rijmt" is te bestellen via mijn uitgever www.boekscout.nl. Klik op het boekje voor meer informatie. Ook verkrijgbaar via alle erkende boekhandels. Een groot deel van de opbrengst van "Het is wit en het rijmt" komt ten goede aan Topsport for Life, een stichting die geld inzamelt voor het Erasmus MC Rotterdam t.b.v. onderzoek naar hersentumoren.
De gedichten in de bundel zijn nieuw en staan niet op deze website, dus laat je verrassen...;-)


Especially for, and on request of, my friends abroad, I am trying to translate all poems mentioned on this website - Bea's Poetry - into proper English. Since it is not my Mother tongue, I can not guarantee it will be exactly as I penned them. My poems have a rhyme and rhythm when written in Dutch, but translated in English, it "disappears." I wish my English was good enough to make them rhyme for English readers, too, but hopefully, you can enjoy them anyway, and correct me if there is someway I can improve my poems for your understanding. THANK YOU

Update : week 23 a dream will come true: some of my poems will be published (in Dutch version)!

Morning (Ochtend)

Cycling on silent roads
On my old shaky bike
I sometimes meat other people
But at sunrise there's just... nothing

A few cows are grazing
In a green dewy meadow
White swan is blowing angry
When I pass him by too near

Fog covers lonely trees
Standing silvery in white light
It looks like they are dreaming
Their branches joyfully up high

I can’t think of anything better
Which can beat this moment
To start a day like this
Is something I enjoy every time again


Acrobatic hands (Handstand)

Fluttering joy flies through your body
 you have to resist the feeling
to jump and dance like a
little lamb in the meadow

You want to walk on your hands
pure luck against that decent wall
Your day is one out of a million
allthough your luck doesn't last very long

Just keep in mind that acrobatic tricks
against doors will put you back to earth rapidly...
Pleased (Tevreden)

Expectations created in your own mind
usually disappoint you more than you'll know
Just stop kneading people
and your heart will be finally pleased